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Historic Times For America, Easton Jewelers

I was watching an episode of Family Feud on Channel 69 (the Lehigh Valley station) because it had two teams of celebrity impersonators facing each other. This sort of makes the “Family” part of the show’s name kind of moot; but the Bono impersonator was really good. Wow, who knew there were Bono impersonators?

Anyway, I kept Channel 69 on to watch their 10 o’clock news program, and it opened with Obama’s historic speech at his historic enormous podium, the largest ever for a candidate’s election-night victory speech. The anchor talked about how the election was historic for America… and then explained that another historic event was taking place in Easton, where a jewelry store was closing.

To be fair, the store is the oldest in America.

I also learned that Red Bull has a helicopter that can do loops and other tricks, and that if you tried to do those in a regular helicopter, you would die. Good to know.

  1. hallpass Says: Nov 6 1:17 AM

    My wife bought me a nice watch at Bixler’s. I bought a few trinkets there for my wife and my mom over the years I lived in Easton. It was a cool place, as jewelry stores go. They had a telegram(!) framed on the wall from Tiffany’s congratulating them for being in business 200 years.

  2. hallpass Says: Nov 6 1:22 AM

    To get to the point of your post, yes, 69 news sucks. Also, the congratulatory telegram might have been sent on the 175th anniversary. Western Union was pretty much already out of the telegram business in 1985, so 200 doesn’t really work.

  3. Anne In CT Says: Nov 6 3:24 AM

    Ok, I’ll try again to post this. Regarding your comment about impersonators on Family Feud not being a family ….. I must correct you. Our world of PROFESSIONAL TRIBUTE Artists / impersonators/ lookalike is a relatively small and tight network …. especially those of us whom attend national conventions for our industry. We are much like extended family in many regards. I have my personal family, and then my impersonator family! Just ask any pro impersonator you may meet! Its also a fun family!

  4. Joe Says: Nov 6 12:13 PM

    Is it too early to nominate the comment above for Comment of the Year / reason enough alone to kill off Captcha?

  5. Sarah Says: Nov 6 12:54 PM

    …and she’s a *Rosanne Barr* impersonator.

  6. dmac Says: Nov 6 12:59 PM

    69 News is okay. I mean, it’s no worse than the local news in Philadelphia, though I don’t watch it enough to really love/hate it like I do the TV news here.

    But I think we can all agree on one thing: Celebrity impersonators are like a family, and I was tremendously rude to dismiss them as not being like one.

  7. Joe Says: Nov 6 1:43 PM

    You think the celeb…uh, PROFESSIONAL TRIBUTE ARTIST of Roseanne Barr hangs around with the gent who apes John Goodman or the Tom Arnold dupe? Or just Tom Arnold? Man can’t be that busy, right?

  8. Sarah Says: Nov 6 1:49 PM

    Maybe all three of them? Is that enough for a Family Feud team?

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