Philadelphia Will Do  

Barack Obama’s Fans Manage To Celebrate Without Destroying City

Take that, Michelle Malkin! Barack Obama’s supporters went out to celebrate their man’s victory in the ol’ Presidential election last night and went bananas without resorting to flipping over cars or destroying $5,000 planters.

Some supporters did, as a Daily News photograph shows us, the “Obama Rock” dance, whatever that is. If only there was a Phillies dance all that car-flipping could have been avoided. But last night was a lot like the Series win: Nobody’s text messages could get through, my cable Internet went down for a while, people were drunk.

Is this the kind of America we can expect under a Barack Obama administration? The inability to contact one another over cell and wireless networks? Drunken celebrations by political nerds marching from Penn to City Hall? (This really happened.) Well, at least we’d be drunk, so that’s something.

Like the Series win, all over again [Daily News]

  1. John Says: Nov 5 3:09 PM

    A few hundred people also marched from City Hall down to North Philly, before getting scared and dispersing.

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