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Stephen Morse Reappears Like Clockwork To Document Election

Hey, look, here’s a video from “Election Journal” and oh my God it’s done by Stephen Morse. Back when we last visited Stephen, he was a finding controversies among poll workers as a Penn undergrad. Earlier today I linked that story, finding it funny there were similar “controversies” this year. And now I find out this Black Panther story is not only the same story it’s the same person oh my God history doesn’t just repeat itself, it repeats itself with the same exact people.

Anyway, I apparently gave Stephen Morse an award, so clearly it was only a matter of time before he returned into the Philadelphia Will Do universe. Welcome back, Stephen! Hope you’re doing well.

  1. dmac Says: Nov 4 6:52 PM

    How does something reappear like clockwork? Whatever, you figure it out.

  2. Eric O Says: Nov 4 7:43 PM


    Wait, oh man, no hat tip? :’-(

  3. Mike Says: Nov 4 8:37 PM

    Wait a minute?!? This thing is like a national controversy! I’ve been hearing about it in LA!


    My day has just been made. Thank you, dmac.

  4. John Says: Nov 4 8:54 PM

    “I’m with the University of Pennsylvania.” Hahahaha.

  5. dOc Says: Nov 5 1:01 PM

    This character looks very familiar…

    Nothing but a racist piece of trash. Someone prolly will take him up on the offer of the target on his head eventually.

  6. dOc Says: Nov 5 1:10 PM

    more info here:

  7. dOc Says: Nov 5 1:16 PM

    Ha His own group is dissing him on their official website. This guy is just a nutcase apparently. (who knew)

    Specifically, in the case of Philadelphia, the New Black Panther Party wishes to express that the actions of people purported to be members do not represent the official views of the New Black Panther Party and are not connected nor in keeping with our official position as a party. The publicly expressed sentiments and actions of purported members do not speak for either the party’s leadership or its membership.

  8. morseFan Says: Nov 5 9:22 PM

    I think you need to check out this:

    This is morse’s alter ego.

  9. ChrissMari Says: Nov 6 10:23 AM

    oh man the top banner of that page is friggin dangerous. Do not click nsfw or life either

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