Philadelphia Will Do  

Philly Incompetence Strikes Again

Here’s a Fox News report about polling places in West Philadelphia. GEE I WONDER WHAT THE REPORT WILL BE ABOUT. Yes, that’s right, Republican poll watchers were manhandled by Democratic operatives and murdered and eaten and had their organs sold on the black market. Longtime readers (wow, you’re still here?) will remember this is essentially the same thing then-Daily Pennsylvanian blogger/wunderkind Stephen Morse did two years ago, only way more annoying. It’s simple Philadelphia incompetence, not any sort of plot to disenfranchise Republicans.

We do want your organs, though. This clip is from PW’s politics blog, which might be of interest to you today for reasons I can’t quite remember right now.

Fox News: GOP poll watchers intimidated in West Philly [Cup O'Joel]

  1. Suburban Guerrilla » Blog Archive » Help, Help, I’m Being Oppressed! Says: Nov 4 3:17 PM

    [...] call a Wahhhhmbulance! Those poor Republicans. Here’s a Fox News report about polling places in West Philadelphia. GEE I WONDER WHAT THE REPORT [...]

  2. corporatesistah Says: Nov 4 3:50 PM

    The National Fox News website is reporting this local story but Fox 29’s website doesn’t have any reference to this story on line. The National Fox website is reporting the following on their front page:

    DEVELOPING STORY — Intimidation tactics, missing ballots and faulty machinery are plaguing voters descending on polling stations to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain.

    In Philadelphia, FOX News’ Rick Leventhal received a report from Republican poll watcher Chris Hill that two Black Panthers had stationed themselves at the door to a polling station and were intimidating voters. One held a night stick, Hill said.

    I can’t see the video you posted at work…is this true? Or just more of FOX’s misstatements……..

  3. Rob Says: Nov 4 4:02 PM

    Any out-of-state Republican poll watchers lurking around the polls in West Philly deserve what they get. I mean, if they were hanging around there any other day, they would probably get the same treatment!

  4. dmac Says: Nov 4 4:12 PM

    I think the real question is: What good does it do anyone to intimidate poll watchers?

  5. Eric O Says: Nov 4 6:26 PM

    It’s Morse again this time! He filmed the Panthers and the cops who came:

    First video:

    Cops come:

  6. doubledumbassonyou || a colorful metaphor » Blog Archive » Black Panthers Make Voting Easy In West Philadelphia Says: Nov 4 6:46 PM

    [...] this morning to provide “security” for one polling location in West Philadelphia. One intrepid UPenn student got this story started with a camera phone. I had no idea that the Black Panthers will still active … and more importantly that those [...]

  7. Robbie Taylor(.net) » I love election day Says: Nov 7 10:26 AM

    [...] anyway. I went there with every intention of voting for Cynthia McKinney - but after reading a few paranoid articles recently, I decided that I was going to put my conscience on the back burner this [...]

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