Philadelphia Will Do  

Broad Street Bullies

Here are some people, flipping a car at Broad & Walnut last night. Sorry for my clumsy narration at the beginning (my voice sounded even more annoying that usual last night, apparently).

Cops in riot gear always remind me of Mega Man. They should totally give them the Metal Blade, it’d be way easier to subdue a rowdy crowd with that kind of equipment.

  1. Beth Says: Oct 30 12:51 PM

    When I passed back over broad on my way home around 1-ish a.m. I saw the fires and the cops in riot gear. At that point I had lost my buzz and was more scared than anything!

  2. Beth Says: Oct 30 12:55 PM

    Just watched the video. Man do I feel bad for the people whose cars got destroyed. What’s the one car insurance commercial that asks - are you covered for that? They should make a new one for “What if a crazed drunken mob flips your car? Are you covered for that?”

    On another note, I’m somewhat amused by the guy in the sombrero.

  3. michellew_ Says: Oct 30 2:58 PM

    Hey that was my car! Okay not really. Seriously though, what says “we’re World Series champions” better than drunken losers destroying people’s property? People are CLUELESS.

  4. Elenie Says: Oct 30 6:26 PM

    That was my niece’s car. She was having dinner at a restaurant w/friends when those a**holes did that to her. I feel so sad for her and I doubt insurance will cover all of it!

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