Philadelphia Will Do  

Phillies/D-Mac Fever Spreading

My buddy works for and he asked me to write something about the local baseball nine. Here’s my piece about the Phillies and Philadelphia on their FanNation blog thingy.

I believe I forgot to credit Occasional Glory, David Jordan’s well-done book about the history of the Phillies; one or two of the factoids originally came from there.

Update: Be sure to check out the comments, e.g.:

Photo by pvsbond used under a Creative Commons license

  1. Joe Says: Oct 1 1:21 PM

    Why did have to delete Darren Daulton’s comment?

  2. david Says: Oct 1 1:26 PM

    I have to give you props DMac. I’ve seen you use that line about the 1970’s ad campaign a few times, and each time I run to google to verify it. Good stuff.

  3. dmac Says: Oct 1 1:30 PM

    I had actually never heard of it ’til I saw it a while back as one of RJ’s livejournal icons (haha Livejournal). It’s so great, it seems unreal. Then again, I guess it’s not all that different than “We’re getting there.”

  4. mikedee Says: Oct 1 1:33 PM

    its not B Graham is it?

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