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Kenzo Teens To Protest Fox 29

Kerri-Lee Halkett With the economy in freefall, a presidential election no longer about hope and a trivia question on Chio in the Morning that’s offensive to cops, the tone of the news is a little negative these days.

Me, I feel bad for the kids. They come up to me and ask me about the joyous days of news like when I was in high school. It was all presidential blowjobs, school shootings and minute figure skaters (Infoplease: “At 4′ 8″ and 75 pounds, it seems the downsizing trend has extended from the board room to the ice rink”).

And now the high school kids are going to do something about it:

Tired of the negative what about the positive!!! Kensington Students will Hold Protest about Negative Press

Purpose – Students will demand more positive press coverage about their school and work they do in the community.

On October 1, 2008 at 3:00 Kensington High School students will protest at the Fox News studios. “What about the Positive? That’s the question that Kensington students are asking, we are frustrated with only negative press.” Says Dasha Scott a junior at Kensington High School for Creative and Performing Arts and member of Youth United for Change. Referring to the recent media coverage of students fighting at Kensington High School, Fox news reporters spent two days in front of Kensington High School Multiplex covering a fight outside of the school.

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Phillies Fever: Catch It!

Gannett reports on the popularity of Phillies merchandise with the team’s second straight NL East title. (Sign of the poor economic times: No one at Modell’s is even interviewed!)

The Phillies will put their logo on anything, including a knock-off off those popular “Stop Snitchin’” t-shirts the kids are wearing. Only it’s “Stop Phillies Country.” (Both shirts, directly or indirectly, promise danger to those in noncompliance.)

The owner of the Sports Depot on the Black Horse Pike said he ordered 1,000 Phillies pennants and has only 70 left. And (gasp!) Phillies merch even outsold Eagles stuff (no thanks to the blimp cam) at his store. The two authors of this piece also notify us of a store called “Hello Sports Fans.”

Fans flock to S.J. stores for Phillies merchandise [Gannett/Courier-Post]

Phillymag Heavy On Anonymous Sources In Rittenhouse Story

Phillymag’s recent piece on opposition to a proposed mural near Rittenhouse Square is a tale of old vs. new money, elitism and a lot of rich people. As with other similar matters of national security, many sources wished to remain anonymous. As such, we have an awesome list of anonymous or nonspecific references:

  • “one longtime resident of the Barclay” (later referenced as: “the opponent.”)
  • “some” (as in: “some have labeled [Wendy Rosen] a social climber.”)
  • “a lawyer who doesn’t live on the Square”
  • “A number of people” (as in: “A number of people, either intimately involved in the mural fight or observing it with some remove”)
  • “a small group of neighbors several years earlier”
  • “the neighbors”
  • “one Square resident”
  • People who Jane Golden won’t name (later referenced as: “the callers”)
  • “opponents at the meeting”
  • “a few people”

A meeting about the mural at the Ethical Society descended into a shouting match, showing that upper crust Philadelphians are pretty much just like everyone else in this city. Phillymag set the scene nicely for the blowup:

“Our road to happiness,” says the society’s website, “is one of honest involvement with those around us.”

But as it turned out, this particular road was not headed toward happiness.

All stories should have Hard Copy-style transitions like this one. “‘Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth,’ Lou Gehrig said. But as it turns out, he was actually very sick with a rare disease.

Brawl on the Square [Phillymag]

Obama To Ride SEPTA To Presidency

What? Barack Obama’s SEPTA registration drive doesn’t include Snyder or Oregon?

Abridged Daily News Columnists

Fatimah Ali: This is a letter to grade schoolers, who as we all know are devoted readers of the Daily News.

Elmer Smith: Wow, the candidates don’t care about the poor, who knew?

Ronnie Polaneczky: Fine story and all, but what a weird way to pick a career:

Houser had always thought about police work as a career, but the desire gelled 18 months ago when he and two friends were robbed in Fishtown while skateboarding. “The cop who helped us was totally competent, professional and friendly,” he says.

He handled himself so well that Houser thought, “That’s the job I want.”

The Philly PD should start putting that on the sides of their cars. “Totally competent!”

Great Moments In Blogging

I can only echo the question asked in the comments: “Why is there a giant can of beans in the picture?” Pretty much all the other comments are people bashing Will Bunch for being liberal and other random political comments. Okay, back to wondering about the can of beans.

Pa. Teenagers Extremely Lazy

The AP today has an all-important story about people in New Jersey stealing the “66.6″ mile markers. The thefts have taken place on the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike.

But here’s the kicker:

Pennsylvania has a Route 666, but a state transportation spokesman said few signs, if any, have been stolen.

What? Where are all the teenagers? Come on, kids. You have to motivate yourselves a little.

Photo by crazymonk used under a Creative Commons license

Chinatown’s Casino Fears

There’s an interesting article in today’s Inquirer about Chinatown residents’ fears about a casino in town. Apparently, Chinatown’s residents will gamble away all their money if a casino is so close to home because of Asian culture or something. (I’ve read before that in, say, China, gambling is considered a skill — so a lottery or craps winner is viewed as a great gambler, not a lucky bastard. Neat!)

The argument makes some sense, yeah, though I think it’s silly to think there already isn’t gambling in Chinatown. But there is hope: All Chinatown’s residents need to do is become as annoying as effing possible and maybe the casino will move again! Then they can have a parade, like they did when the Phillies stadium went to South Philly.

Anyway: Yes, Young Philly Politics wrote about it and produced this great closing sentence: “There are lots of things wrong with this site, but dismissing Chinatown’s anguish over the sufferings of its own people is not only cruel, it’s environmental racism at its clearest.” Ahh, yes.

Photo by Jeff Kubina used under a Creative Commons license

On Further Review…

Thanks to Football Outsiders for noticing that the blimp cam showed the ball had crossed the plane on the Bears’ 4th & Goal stop at the half-yard line in the Eagles’ disappointing loss last night. Right? Right?? I’m not completely sure due to the angle. All it has to do is cross the front of the white line; it looks like he got in. Sigh.

Brett Myers’ Confident Of Playoff Success

And, hey, here’s another video: The Fightins caught Brett Myers’ interview with Mitch Williams and Michael Barkann after the Phillies clinched the NL East. Apparently, Myers is extremely confident for the postseason, so much so that he predicts the Phillies will not be swept in the first round like last season.

Side Note: In today’s Chicago-Detroit game — played to see if the White Sox play the Twins in a one-game tiebreaker tomorrow — it’s ex-Phillie Gavin Floyd for the Sox and ex-Phillie Freddy Garcia for the Tigers. No word on whether Jon Lieber will be brought in to relieve.