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LA Link Dump Pt. II: The Linkening

It’s the end of the week, so here’s a flurry of LA-related links (because that’s where I live, so it’s all I care about, suckers).

- The California State Legislature just approved a bill that will ban electronic Bingo. This will probably decrease the number of old people who hang out in casinos, but where will they go? To the streets, hopefully. By the way, how’s those casinos working out for ya, Philly?[Times-Standard]

- Apparently, this woman hasn’t heard of Missed Connections. Would we as a society be better if none of us knew about it? Discuss. [Postcard from Los Angeles]

- I know I was complaining about Dodgers Stadium earlier this week, but here’s something Citizens Bank Park would probably never allow: A SLEEPOVER! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! [LA Daily News]

- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger approves of confusing-beyond-words GOP VP-pick Sarah Palin. “I’m a big believer that women can do just as great a job if not a better job than guys can do, and I’ve seen this is in my own house,” Schwarzenegger said. “Like cooking, and kuh-leening, and terminating the laundry. I’ll be back, chill out. It’s not a tumor Let off some steam, Bennett. QUAAAAAIIIIDDD!!!!” [Top of the Ticket]

- And, in case you were wondering a little bit more about what life is like here in Los Angeles, here’s a fairly typical ad from Craigslist. Are you a cougar or a cub? Then why not try out? [Craigslist]

Well, that’s it for me. It’s been fun being your guest editor this week, if a little hectic. If you’re interested in reading my blog (you’re not, don’t worry) it’s called Woefully Misinformed. Take care, and happy Labor Day.

Darrell Clarke: Hate Crime Victim

It’s ridiculous that some racist moron did this, particularly to a Philadelphia City Councilman.

Clarke said he walked outside his house this morning and found Nazi symbols and the letters “KKK” spray-painted on his car, a vehicle belonging to a relative of one of his staffers and another local resident’s car. Crime Scene Unit investigators are currently dusting his car for prints while detectives try to determine what motivated the incident.

But wait: what was one of his staffer’s cars doing there this morning? Which staffer was it? Clarke is single, by his own admission, so is he schtooping one of his staffers? I mean, if the staffer’s car was there long enough to get vandalized over night, it’s safe to assume there’s a reason, right?

Hmm…. some Philly journo should look into this. Dan Gross? You reading?

Councilman Clarke target of hate crime [Philly Confidential]

Prince Chunk is Prince of Lies

Shocker in the news today, folks: Everyone’s favorite fat cat may not be as fat as advertised! Apparently the family that adopted Prince Chunk–who purportedly weighed in at 44 lbs–got the cat home and weighed him themselves, clocking in at just 22 lbs. Of course, the family isn’t relieved that their new pet is healthier than expected. No, they’re pissed at the shelter for exploiting Prince Chunk for, uh, some kind of gain, I’m sure. From today’s Gloucester County Times:

“We have a 70 pound dog and he didn’t look like more than half of him, so we did have some suspicions,” said Vince Damiani, 17, a member of Chunk’s foster family. “We took him to the vet this Friday and he was 22.8 pounds.”

“We could have kept the cat here and profited from all those endeavors,” [Executive Director of Chunk's shelter Jennifer Andersch] said. “Instead, part of this contract was to ask if some of those contracts came along, that we would get a small percentage to go toward the animals.”

All of those “endeavors” include going on talk shows and making personal appearances, and surely those offers would have been coming in forever and ever. But isn’t that life, folks? You think you’re getting a 44 lb celebrity cat that has met Regis, and it all turns out to be a 22.8 lb cat in sheep’s clothing.

It’s a metaphor. Think about it.

Legal battle surrounds adoption of ‘fat cat’ [Gloucester Counter Times]

Four out of Five Agree: Larry Mendte Should Rot in Jail

PW’s own sister paper South Philly Review has it on good authority that the common man wants to see Larry Mendte go to jail. From Lauren Shumacher of Broad and Jackson streets.

“…he deserves five years, and that’s being lenient.”

That is too lenient, Lauren. I say stockades or bust.

Meanwhile, this guy got off easy: he only has to spend a year in Iraq. Hey! Maybe we can send Larry Mendte to Iraq, too. That ought to teach him not to look at someone’s email again!

Word on the Street [South Philly Review]
Guilty of beating at Phillies game, National Guardsman opts for tour in Iraq [Daily News]

LA Link Dump

Let’s stay in LA for the news a bit, shall we?

- If you read this headline quickly enough, it sounds like they’re talking about the greatest NFL franchise ever (bold and caps mine): “Los Angeles Taco Trucks can stay put again.” [LA Times]

- Some guy has crashed his car into the gates of the Playboy Mansion twice in the past two weeks. Make your own jokes in the comments section. [LA Times]

- Hey, LA cops accidentally shoot at innocent people all the time! This time, a cop was aiming for a robbery suspect but hit a Metro bus instead. No wonder they say public transit in LA is horrible. There were no injuries, but one woman is being treated for anxiety. Expect a $200 million lawsuit to be forthcoming. [LA Daily News]

- And speaking of public transit, construction workers in Downtown LA found old trolley car rails buried beneath six inches of asphalt. You see, LA used to be a city you didn’t need a car to get around before an American automobile company bought the public transit system and ran it into the ground to bolster its own sales. That’s not a joke. [blogdowntown]

LA Will Do

Ah, the scenic LA River. Beautiful, ain’t it? My apartment is literally across the street from this strange abomination of concrete and nature. It runs 52 miles through the Valley to Long Beach, cutting off roads and forcing drivers to take alternate routes. It’s just one of the many weird things that make LA LA.

I get asked a lot what LA is like compared to Philly. Which is funny, because when I hear people say they’re from Peoria or Billings or whatever, no one is dying to hear about what life is like there. But there seems to be a genuine curiosity about Philadelphia as a city that I can’t quite explain. People want to know about it.

“Philadelphia, huh? What’s that like?”

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Breaking: Larry Mendte Not As Bad As Detroit’s Mayor

In a baffling column from today’s Daily News, Ronnie Polaneczky draws the comparison between Larry Mendte and Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit and noted adulterer. These are two very different men, in very different situations, in very different cities, but that doesn’t stop Polaneczky from arguing that Detroit’s scummy mayor is worse than one of Philadelphia’s scummy news anchors.

Polaneczky also calls Kilpatrick “the Anti-Mendte,” who’s appearance was foretold in the news broadcaster’s Bible lo many years ago.

The basic point of the column is… well, I don’t know. This guy is worse than that guy, but only kinda-sorta? But now that Mendte has been martyred, and the Anti-Mendte has appeared, it’s only a matter of waiting out the news broadcaster’s End Times. Which anchors will be raptured?

UPDATE: A concerned reader points out that this column is nearly a month old. Apparently I got confused because it was at the top of’s special Mendte-Lane coverage section. This is why I am guest editor and not permanent editor.

Ronnie Polaneczky: Mendte’s not so bad compared to the Anti-Mendte[Daily News]

“Start Snitching” T-Shirts Will Save Us All

When a t-shirt takes over your city, the only thing to do is fight fire with fire. So with the death grip of the “Stop Snitching” clothing line around Philadelphia’s throat, one man came up with a brilliant plan to save us all: “Start Snitching” t-shirts.

The shirts say “Don’t Let Me See You Do It”–sounds kind of passive aggressive to me–and will set you back $10 to fix all the crime and social problems in your neighborhood. But boy does it work! Here’s some guy to explain why it’s effective:

“Jeff has a concept that wakes people up,” said Warren Smith, [shirt creator Jeff] Templeton’s next-door neighbor. “There’s a group that says ‘don’t snitch.’ This is the opposite of that.”

Ah! It’s so simple! Buy this shirt and everyone will start snitching! It’s so much easier to fix a long-embedded culture of crime and violence with a t-shirt than it is with any social reform programs! Who’s got ten bucks?

Germantown man’s campaign: ‘Start snitching’ [Inquirer] (Written by former PW staffer Kia Gregory! Hi Kia!)

Just in Time for the DNC!

Obama Goes After Olivia Nutter

We all remember when Mayor Michael Nutter endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton (well before actually being sworn in for mayor, if memory serves). Did he do it because Obama endorsed Chaka Fattah for mayor? Lesser blogs speculated that to be the reason but really, who cares? Nutter is all prObama now.

But Obama isn’t done with the Mayor of Philadelphia: he’s going after Olivia. Clout has a short blurb about how an Obama supporter handed Nutter a pin and asked him to give it to his daughter. The button said, “If I was 18, I’d vote for Obama-Biden.”

Just like in the campaign, though, poor Christian was forgotten. Unlike Olivia, he can legally vote. He’s just not as adorable.

Nutter set to vote for Obama [Philly Clout]
Olivia Nutter gets present in Denver [Philly Clout]