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Inquirer: Feds Investigate CBS 3’s Mendte


My gawd, Larry! I know we all wanted those bikini photos but you didn’t have you didn’t have to do this!

Federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation of CBS3 anchor Larry Mendte and searched his home to determine whether he illegally accessed the private e-mail of onetime colleague Alycia Lane, numerous sources told The Inquirer today.

Mendte’s lawyer, Michael A. Schwartz, confirmed tonight that FBI agents approached his client Thursday and searched his home. Schwartz said it was related to “claims made by Alycia Lane.” He added that “Larry is cooperating fully with the investigators and hopes to promptly reach a resolution of this matter.” [...]

FBI agents from the Computer-Crimes Squad executed a search warrant on Mendte’s Chestnut Hill home on Thursday and seized his personal computer - a rarity given his status as a journalist

Wow. And, once again, the whole Alycia Lane saga continues to not only (a) drag on, but (b) get even stranger. Who knows. But now that the feds are involved, will they release the bikini photos?

Larry Mendte probed for snooping on Alycia Lane, sources say [Inquirer]

Action News, Poetically

Oh, I recorded this last weekend then forgot to post it. Here’s Action News‘ Rob Jennings, reporting on tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Now that, my friends, is poetry. Is he speaking in iambic pentameter? The local news stations should totally begin all their broadcasts this way.

Friday Afternoon Links

Hey, it’s the slowest time known to man, Friday afternoon. Here are some links:

Dave Huddleston is leaving Fox 29, as the station won’t renew its contract; his last day is scheduled to be June 13, Mike Klein reports. And: “Fox29 insiders say that more shake-ups are expected; the station is considering new newscasts at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.” Oh, man, they are going to mess with everything, and I just got used to a 5 p.m. Fox newscast. [Inquirer]

• The “purse-snatching bandits in Center City” email that was going around was a hoax, reports Action News. Yes, Virginia, you can’t believe in everything you read in an email forward. [6 ABC]

• An unconscious gambler was robbed at Harrah’s Chester County; police are telling people to be on the lookout and not trust any strangers at casinos. And, uh, remain conscious. [CBS 3]

• Sadly, this typo isn’t in the actual paper. But there’s a new photo of Dorothy! [Metro]

National League Win Shares are out! If you don’t know what that means, you’re with me, but I know the advanced stat guys love it. Or something. [Hardball Times]

Millionairematch Guy Actually Homeless


There’s more on everyone’s new favorite con man, Paul Krueger. The man who allegedly bilked women who met him on by telling them he was a Grammy-nominated music producer was arrested yesterday in Atlantic City.

Cops say he stole around $100,000 from 13 women and gambled it away down the shore. The Daily News says not only was he not a millionaire, he was homeless! “He used his only possession, a laptop, to lure women,” the paper writes.

He apparently didn’t even meet most of the women he scammed money from; he just got them to send him money for his new company that would be making CDs and DVDs. Yes, people are stupid, la de da.

Internet seducer nabbed in scam [Inquirer]

Me, On The Internet

Hey, here’s me on the On the DL podcast, the 2008 new media cross-promotion spectacular. If you have the stomach for it, you can listen to me ramble on about blogging and drugs — and then say something stupid every couple of minutes! Woo-hoo.

Daily News’ Photoshop Use Under Attack


The Daily News once again put Jocelyn “Bonnie” Kirsch on its cover yesterday, after she got in trouble again and was put on house arrest. The paper used one of the shots of her lounging at poolside, only they Photoshopped in an ankle bracelet on her. Get it?

This didn’t sit well with Kirsch’s lawyer, Ron Greenblatt, actually released a statement on the cover:

The Daily News continues to sink to a level below tabloid journalism. The use of a doctored photo on the cover of the second largest paper in the city of Philadelphia to give a deliberately false impression is disgraceful. I understand their job is to sell papers, but they should at least be held to minimal journalistic ethical standards.

And then NBC 10 did a whole story on it, complete with person-on-the-street interviews. DN Editor Michael Days — no stranger to answering controversy about political cartoons that are accidentally funny — said “[i]t’s just that kind of a story.” Yes, that’s about as good of a response as you can get.

Redlasso clip after the jump; NBC 10’s site has a clip too.

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CBS 3 Somehow Makes ‘Sex’ Worse


I’ve been able to ignore it pretty much all week, but I will fight no more forever. Somehow, every news station has done an intricate report on the Sex and the City movie; last night, CBS 3 premiered its men’s guide to SatC The report included this description of Samantha: “She reminds me of my best friend Cindy.” Ooh, I get it now.

Redlasso clip (fight the man!) after the jump.

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Abridged Daily News Columnists

Christine Flowers: Hey, apparently “not allowing atheists and gays in your group” is “fighting back against political correctness.” Flowers leaves out of this column a part about how the local Boy Scout council had to rescind their nondiscrimination policy due to the national group, but, hey, she’s trying to make a point. Gotta leave out those facts that don’t support the cause!

Elmer Smith: Yes, let’s help the homeless, especially the ones with mental illness.

Jill Porter: The city has owned a camp in East Stroudsburg since the 1950s. Now it’s closing, apparently.

McCain Postpones Area Visit


In an attempt to make a throwaway morning post all that much harder, John McCain has postponed his Bucks County “town hall” meeting until Monday. Let’s hope this will give more time for people with hilarious questions to come up with them.

Scary old McCain — I saw one of his new ads on Jeopardy! I wasn’t sure if it was John McCain for President, or The Happening. will visit Worth & Company in Pipersville, Bucks County.

There is obviously a backstory here: Worth & Co. is, naturally, under investigation by the state for allegedly violating the Prevailing Wage Law, cheating its employees out of $142,000 in wages. John McCain will no doubt berate the company and its employees during his visit, and then go to Sesame Place for some kick-ass water slides.

McCain to visit area firm [The Intelligencer]
Town Hall Meeting in Pipersville, PA []

Freddie Mitchell Tries Out For Ravens


Pro Football Talk with the story of the day:

A league source tells PFT that the Baltimore Ravens have worked out free agent wide receiver Freddie Mitchell.

We first heard about the Mitchell workout when a reader tipped us off that Mitchell had mentioned it on his MySpace page.

Ahh, welcome back to the NFL, Fred-Ex. Or, rather, welcome back to NFL tryouts, I guess. Good luck!