Philadelphia Will Do  

Luck Is On Our Side For Once


Wow, really? The Phillies score four runs in the ninth and rally to beat the Astros 4-3 after getting only four hits before the ninth. And people on messageboards are going wild: “WE’RE ALL GONNA GET LAID.” See?

Looks like Geoff Jenkins might actually have been out at home plate. So things really do even out. (Though I’m still mad about this, I suppose.) And the Flyers won, too!

Video after the jump.

  1. ALB Says: Apr 16 9:28 AM


    Hey, I have first dibs on Alycia Lane!

    I’m also glad that Mr. Happy scored!

  2. John Says: Apr 16 11:10 AM

    Watching this last night, I couldn’t help but think that Burrell reminds me of Ben Affleck’s Fred O’Bannion in Dazed and Confused.

  3. K-Dogg Says: Apr 16 1:22 PM

    Nobody is talking about the awful officiating in the Flyers game — and we should be.

    Just like the Sixers getting hosed because the NBA is desperate to favor LeTravel James, the NHL is going to favor the Caps because the league is desperate to get Ovechkin as far as possible in the playoffs. What a joke.

    The Ovechkin dive was an unsportsmanlike — no call.

    The third Caps goal was a clear high stick — but allowed to stand.

    The hit on Timonen was late and dirty — no call.

    In the Flyers’ own end there were at least two trips that could have led to goals — that were not called.

    And is it me or are the Caps constantly and intentionally pushing Flyers players into Huet to try to draw calls?

    Milbury was right — Ovechkin is a dog and they should be called the Crapitals.

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