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Leftovers: Lieby, Murphy And Taxis

• Hey, Mike Lieberthal will be signing a 1-day contract with the Phillies, and then retiring. The fans will probably give him a nice standing ovation as well, which will prove that Philadelphia sports fans are evil anti-semites. [Balls, Sticks & Stuff]

• So would hybrid taxis be a good idea in Philadelphia? Probably; I remember the idea was widely mocked when NYC got some a while back, but now that gas is super-expensive — Worst. War for Oil. Ever. — it sounds like a good idea. Plus green is hip with the kiddies, and the media will just eat it up! [The Illadelph]

• Patrick Murphy’s wife on the perils of being Patrick Murphy’s wife: “We have a Wawa right near our house in Bristol and I can’t buy Tastykakes because the guy behind the counter will say, ‘Do you think you should be eating Tastykakes?’” [Bucks County Courier Times]

• Translated from French (originally translated from English, I assume), a quote from Flyers coach John Stevens: “Only the monkeys at TSN picked us to win.” According to the comments Canada’s sports network has an actual monkey pick games, and he usually does better than experts. Of course. []

• Also, from Action News just now, Ed Rendell stopped by for the dedication of the Smarty Jones and Afleet Alex carousel horses. Oh, but of course.

Philly Tops Meaningless List (!)


Hey, Philadelphia won some sort of pointless ranking! Yes, venerable research institutions and Careerbuilder’s joined forces to produce a report claiming ranking Philadelphia as the best place to live for recent college grads.

This is doubly hilarious when one considers the situation in 2004, when all my friends from school moved away from Philadelphia to New York, Boston, D.C. and other cities not Philadelphia. But now that gas is $80 a gallon and a trio of pretzels costs $1.50 (a buck-fifty!), look who’s laughing now? Muahahahahaha!

Er, anyway, the criteria for the study includes “the population of people age 20 to 24, the number of entry-level job openings suitable for new grads, and the average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment.” Because it’s 2008, we kids (I’m 25 now, but 15 mentally, so it averages out) also want the all-important “green” buzzword.

But, hey, it’s an article about Philadelphia, so it’s not like there can’t be some good old Philly-bashing: “The nice parts of Philly are really nice. But the bad parts are awful.” Yes, just like every city anywhere ever. And then there’s this:

Hopkins, the Select Greater Philadelphia executive, says that his son, a 24-year old working at insurer AIG and living with his parents to save money, is now debating whether to move to the New York area or stay closer to home. Because he wants to buy a home, he has no options in Manhattan—and few options in nearby New Jersey cities.

“He can’t afford the monthly payments in Hoboken, Jersey City, or Manhattan,” Hopkins says. “So now he’s thinking about Philadelphia.”

Ahh, yes, he can’t afford Hoboken, so he’s moving to Philadelphia. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!

Philadelphia named best city for new grads [MSNBC]

Exclusive: The Economy Blows Right Now


Yes, if you were wondering, the Daily News did need a staggering five staff writers to tell us the story of expensive food, gas and rent.

I do like “Let us pay,” though. Pretty good.

Let us pay: Struggling with soaring costs of food, fuel, rent [Daily News]

A Clip Of Buzz, Leitch And Some Mime

Awful Announcing has posted part of the clip of Buzz Bissinger’s rant about how much he hates the Internet and “Big Daddy Balls” last night. (I also loved how the topic was just “The Internet.”) This particular clip is even better because a reminder for a documentary about NOFX (NOFX!) is plasted on the bottom of it the entire time, a reminder that television is inherently a better medium than the Internet.

Cleveland Browns wideout Braylon Edwards is also there, but doesn’t say anything of note, doesn’t blog and doesn’t have any teammates who blog.

Internet Media Segment [Awful Announcing]

No They’re/Their Mixup Goes Unpunished


Okay, I usually don’t care about typos — Lord knows I make enough of ‘em — but making the their/there/they’re mistake? For shame,

Also, Ramsay gets rid of the narcotics strike force and diesel is $4.20 a gallon. Coincidence? I think not.

Thanks, Brad!

SEPTA Stands Firm Against Mommies


Hey, it’s almost May, and we haven’t had a drummed-up pointless controversy in a while. Hmm, hmm… ahh, here we go: It seems some transit agencies took down ads for Grand Theft Auto IV, already hailed as the greatest video game of all time. (I can’t believe I don’t have a system to play it on. I feel like crying.)

The supposed awesomeness of the game aside, SEPTA decided to accept ads for GTA IV; now SEPTA is defending its decision to keep the ads up. Not that anyone has complained or anything.

Septa officials would not be interviewed, but they issued a statement saying while some might consider the game offensive, “the advertisement is not.” The ad campaign is slated to run for six weeks, with 350 posters on buses and other locations, generating $83,000 in revenue for Septa.

Septa last year was criticized for accepting ads for the movie “Hitman,” ads featuring images of guns. The “Grand Theft Auto IV” ads show only the faces of three characters in the game and “Grand Theft Auto” logo.

Six weeks? Puh-leeze. SEPTA had an advertisement at Bridge Street for How Stella Got Her Groove Back (released in 1998) well into this decade. As a friend (okay, Chrissmari said to me online: “It’s supposed to last 6 weeks but it’ll be up for ages along with posters for Big Momma’s House and last year’s Jewish Career Fair.” Exactly.

On the other hand, there was a noticeable drop in gun violence last year after SEPTA took down its ads for Hitman. Okay, maybe not.

Septa Defends “Grand Theft Auto IV” Bus Ads [KYW 1060]

Fumo: Pa. Would Allow Slavery


Although he dropped out of the race and will no longer be a State Senator come next year, Vince Fumo is still in Harrisburg, fighting for your kitchen.

And it appears he’s going to say whatever is on his mind!

The remarks came during an Appropriations Committee hearing in Harrisburg on a bill that would define marriage as between a man and a woman – a measure Fumo opposes. “What you are advocating here is that we take away the rights of a minority. And I don’t think that’s right,” Fumo told Gilbert Coleman, Jr., senior pastor of Freedom Christian Bible Fellowship in Philadelphia, during the hearing. “. . . If we introduced a bill on slavery, it might pass. That doesn’t make it right.”

“I doubt that sir,” responded Coleman, who testified in support of the measure.

“Oh, don’t bet on it in this General Assembly,” the Philadelphia Democrat shot back. “I know some people up here, especially on a secret ballot, it would be almost unanimous.”

Oh, man. In-effing-credible.

Fumo: State lawmakers would enact slavery given the chance [Inquirer]

Buzz To Blogs: Get Off My Lawn!


Buzz Bissinger — writer of Friday Night Lights, chronicler of Barbaro, inventor of high school football racism — was on Costas Now last night on a panel with Will Leitch (editor of Deadspin) and Braylon Edwards (Cleveland Browns wide receiver).

If you didn’t see it, Bissinger went on a rant about blogs, asked Will Leitch if he had ever read W.C. Heinz, called him full of shit and also said this: “This guy, whether we like it or not, is the future. The future in the hands of guys like you is really going to dumb us down to a degree that I don’t think we can recover from.”

Let me write about the W.C. Heinz reference for a moment. Heinz is famous for writing “Death of a Racehorse,” a 1,000-word piece about how a dying racehorse. In contrast, Bissinger’s column on Barbaro was 13,000 words. (Update: Hey, I made the comments of Fire Joe Morgan!)

I will say that I don’t — can’t! — believe that Bissinger was serious last night. This whole ‘blogs-vs.-newspapers’ debate is so, uhm, 2005, maybe earlier. By 2006 Phillymag (Phillymag!) had given my blog a B+ rating and that was back when PWD was even worse. Blogs are a medium: Most of them suck, some of them are good — just like newspaper columnists and TV shows and movies and penny-farthings and cheeseburgers. (The only two things that are mostly good are sex and pizza.) Right? Right?

Then again, maybe not. PW Music Editor Brian McManus was recently on a music panel with Tom Moon; the former Inquirer music writer read the Pitchfork review of In Rainbows and angrily ranted about it afterward. And this is another good ex-Inquirer writer!

It might just be as simple as what a friend told me this morning: “They’re all just bitter that they didn’t think of writing The Wire.” Well put.

Update 2: Jon Weisman has more on this. And Enrico has more too.

Bike Share Hearing Today At City Council


After dealing with a bomb threat at the Bicycle Coalition offices yesterday, today bike lovers will ride into City Council to explain why a bike share program is a cool idea. (City Council, naturally, had to pass a resolution to hold this hearing.)

Riders would pay a variety of fees (daily, weekly, yearly, etc.) to ride a bike; riders could even take one-way trips from bike station to bike station, which is pretty neat. Bike Share Philadelphia wants to start with 1,000 bikes, hopefully old Huffy White Heats.

And everybody loves the idea, except for maybe whoever called in a bomb threat. “This would provide a welcome addition to our public transit options here in the City,” SEPTA Watch writes. The hearing’s on the fourth floor of City Hall at 2.

Scam Email — With Scary Voice Over


Last night, Fox 29’s Jeff Cole reported on some sort of scam email that says if you don’t pay several thousand dollars to a hitman, he’ll kill you. This was part of “Fox 29 Undercover,” even though it didn’t really involve any undercover work.

The highlight of the segment, though, is the voice-over reading the email; any of the death threats I’ve received would be way better if I could get somebody to read them in that voice. Also, apparently some versions of the email are in all caps, always the sign of a competent and professional hit man.

Redlasso video after the jump.

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