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Monica Malpass Wears A Low-Cut Dress Unlike Any Other 45-Year-Old Anchor


Yesterday, the news broke that Monica Malpass’ ex-fiance was suing the 6 ABC anchor to get his engagement ring back.

Steve Thorne filed a lawsuit in Common Pleas Court alleging that he bought the ring for $78,000 at a Yardley jewelry store on June 15. After dating for just about four months, the couple became engaged. But, the lawsuit says, three weeks later Thorne broke off the engagement. Malpass wanted more children, and he did not, despite getting a reverse vasectomy.

Malpass, you may remember, was previously married to David Cutler, the real estate developer. The two had a nasty divorce a few years back, and the lawsuit says Thorne agreed to keep it quiet so Malpass wouldn’t have to endure the same problems as last time. It also says during that, during the last split, “Malpass lost her job for a three-week period as a result of the turmoil.”

So why all the fuss over, well, Monica Malpass? I was unsure as well, until a reader sent me a link to the photo above from Phillymag. And now I understand.

Malpass’ ex-fiance sues to get his bauble back [Inquirer]
Ex-fiance sues Malpass to get ring back [Daily News]
Note the different word choices in the headline, reflecting the sensibilities of the two newspapers.
[Photo via Philadelphia Magazine]

  1. rjwhite Says: Mar 7 4:11 PM

    Hey, was she the one that Dan Gross made cry with his badgering or something awhile back?

  2. joe Says: Nov 18 10:46 PM

    nice tits!

  3. Ben Says: Sep 28 11:31 AM

    She needs a man — not a boy

  4. Frank The Tank Says: Oct 13 10:11 AM

    Nice Cans however she has a butter face. Everything looks good but her face.

  5. Gill Wells Says: Nov 1 3:38 PM

    Great set of tities!

  6. Scooter Says: Nov 18 7:10 PM

    Take a good look,a complete look, She is a woman as deep as she is willing to care for others fequently at her own exspence, caring enough to want more of the same. She is not a “pair” with a woman attached. Wake up chuckle heads.

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