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PWD People Of The Year: Mark B. Cohen


Pennsylvania state representative and Mayor of the Internet Mark B. Cohen is our penultimate POTY honoree, earning his spot by being the most committed of our lawmakers to two things: (1) Reading and (2) Phillyblog.

Mark Cohen first made news this year when the Inquirer revealed he had spent just over $28,000 of taxpayer money on books and magazines the past two years. All legal, of course, but one wondered what exactly The Zen of Gambling and AOL For Dummies were doing for his constituents.

In addition to his addictive book habit, Cohen is one of the greatest healers of our time, as he told the Daliy News: “All over the country, people live longer lives because of me.”

Although he’s a hard-working state representative, Cohen’s real role in life is Mayor of the Internet, a position he’s used to propose a “World Phillyblog Day” in honor of the local messageboard and announcing how Phillyblog has gotten his 1000th member.

You know how politicians tend to pander to the hip, young Internet crowd with podcasts done by their staffers or favorite songs on iTunes or whatever? Well give Cohen this: He most certainly does not pander in terms of the Internet. He is totally, 100 percent into Phillyblog and the Internet. Whether this is scarier than a politician who panders to the Internet crowd is a question to leave up to the gods.

Despite his taxing job as Internet mayor, Cohen also returned to his legislative position in the fall when he got into a war of words with Brian Tierney, who used his rhetorical skills to achieve literary domination.

For being so into reading, Phillyblog and seniority of newspaper workers, Mark B. Cohen is are one of the People of the Year. Okay, mainly for just being into Phillyblog.

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