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Hurricane Changes ‘Winter’ Forecast


Last night, NBC 10 weather forecaster Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz — who was last seen apologizing for hating Christmas — decided to revise his weather forecast and cut his expected winter snowfall total in half.

Schwartz did this in light of the recent weather and because “the NAO has been way too positive.” (Oh!) He originally called for 35 to 40 inches of snow but now predicts just 15 to 20, with one big snowstorm in February.

Clearly, Hurricane is hoping that big snowstorm falls on another hated holiday of his, St. Valentine’s Day.

Glenn Schwartz Revises Winter Storm Forecast [NBC 10]
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  1. George S Says: Feb 9 3:02 PM

    Glenn & Doug:

    Why do the two of you seem to be happier reporting lousy weather?

    Just report the temperature/ don’t make a whole production………

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