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Week In Will Do: Screw You, 2006


• Finally, this People of the Year thing is over. You can go look at the big winner or see the complete list.

• In other big, exciting news, Ed Rendell ate at Taco Bell!

• In other big, exciting news, a coyote attacked this man and this woman.

• Okay, there wasn’t much going on this week. So Philly even got in on the Gerald Ford bandwagon and the less crowded Richard Nixon bandwagon.

• A man from upstate pulled over on the side of I-95 and started hunting. He was taken in for questioning by police. On the plus side, he bagged a Prius.

• Need stupider than pulling over on the side of I-95 to hunt? How about this: People wanting Jeff Garcia over Donovan McNabb next year.

• Kate Flannery from The Office guests on the greatest episode of 10! ever, mainly because they added alcohol.

• Stephen A. Smith wrote the best sentence ever.

• Also, a woman in Jersey was arrested for running a speakeasy.

That’s it for me. Have a great transition in to 2007, etc. Mainly, though, go Eagles.

Philadelphia Will Do Person Of The Year


The final announcement is close at hand, but I’m going to hold you in suspense until after the jump. While some favorites — say, Terrell Owens — did not make the list, I hope you are happy with the selections. Anyone you thought should have made the list was simply left off because I didn’t feel like typing up what he or she had done throughout the year.

Okay, it’s time to announce the Person of the Year. This person came to Philadelphia in 2006 with a track record that was a bit less than stellar.

Nonetheless, his 2006 arrival was greeted with cheers. He had devotees! He was beloved perhaps more than he had been in any other city. Then, mid-year, he packed his bags and left for a better job in New York. Is there anything that defines Philadelphia 2006 better?

Your 2006 Person of the Year is…

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Atlantic City: It Was A Very Good Year

Leno with AC Weekly

PW’s sister publication — is that how you introduce it? — down in Atlantic City did a year in review issue this week and marked on a calendar the biggest events of 2006.

Here are two of the first three:


Jan. 26: The new Atlantic City Wind Farm is featured on the cover of AC Weekly.


Feb. 27: Jay Leno holds up the Jan. 26 issue of AC Weekly (“Tourism that Blows”) on NBC’s Tonight Show during his funny headlines bit.

Real mile a minute at those shore resorts during the winter.

2006: A Roller Coaster Year [AC Weekly]
Mar. 7: ‘Atlantic City Weekly’ makes the big time

Yeah, This Seems Like The Best Way To Do It


Nurse quits job to fight disease [Bucks County Courier Times]

Keystone Cops: Dead Man Walking

Keystone Cops

Keystone Cops is a look at police, crime, court, drug and public safety news.

• Saddam Hussein will be dead by this time tomorrow. [AP/Yahoo!]

• A man, quite possibly a Barbaro hater, stole a collection can with $200 from a 7-Eleven in Buxco . The money was supposed to go to a group that rehabilitates sick horses. Actual quote: “It’s hard enough to steal from anybody but to steal from a charity… the poor defenseless animals can’t even speak for themselves.” [CBS 3]

• Atlantic City Council is expected to vote today on a smoking ban for the island’s casinos that would blah blah blah you know how this works already. No more smoking in casinos. [AP/6 ABC]

• And, from the crime log of the Doylestown Intelligencer: “At 9:37 a.m. Sunday, police received a call from Northampton police who asked them to go to a house on the 2000 block of Jason Drive to question a man about his 2001 Chevy S-10 pickup. No one was home.” [Intelligencer]

PWD People Of The Year: Mark B. Cohen


Pennsylvania state representative and Mayor of the Internet Mark B. Cohen is our penultimate POTY honoree, earning his spot by being the most committed of our lawmakers to two things: (1) Reading and (2) Phillyblog.

Mark Cohen first made news this year when the Inquirer revealed he had spent just over $28,000 of taxpayer money on books and magazines the past two years. All legal, of course, but one wondered what exactly The Zen of Gambling and AOL For Dummies were doing for his constituents.

In addition to his addictive book habit, Cohen is one of the greatest healers of our time, as he told the Daliy News: “All over the country, people live longer lives because of me.”

Although he’s a hard-working state representative, Cohen’s real role in life is Mayor of the Internet, a position he’s used to propose a “World Phillyblog Day” in honor of the local messageboard and announcing how Phillyblog has gotten his 1000th member.

You know how politicians tend to pander to the hip, young Internet crowd with podcasts done by their staffers or favorite songs on iTunes or whatever? Well give Cohen this: He most certainly does not pander in terms of the Internet. He is totally, 100 percent into Phillyblog and the Internet. Whether this is scarier than a politician who panders to the Internet crowd is a question to leave up to the gods.

Despite his taxing job as Internet mayor, Cohen also returned to his legislative position in the fall when he got into a war of words with Brian Tierney, who used his rhetorical skills to achieve literary domination.

For being so into reading, Phillyblog and seniority of newspaper workers, Mark B. Cohen is are one of the People of the Year. Okay, mainly for just being into Phillyblog.

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Ed Rendell Eats At Taco Bell In Exciting Story

Yesterday, in a show of solidarity with the fast food chain, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell ate at the Taco Bell at Franklin Mills. He brought along with him the president of Taco Bell — of course — and a bevy of television cameras from Channel 3.

He said he was driving by a Taco Bell and found it rather empty, so he decided to hold this dog and pony show at Franklin Mills with Greg Creed, Taco Bell’s prez who was on those ads after the E. coli scare.

There are so many questions stemming from this report, many of them unanswered. Why is this news? Why is the governor doing this? How depressed would you be as a reporter if this were the story you were covering one day? Is Taco Bell’s president British or Australian or something? How funny is the footage of Rendell eating his taco salad? (This one has an answer: Very.)

You’ll no doubt have tons of your own questions after watching the report.

Rendell Eats Taco Bell To Send A Message [CBS 3]

PWD People Of The Year: Eddie Dougherty


For this, from Metro on May 1, at the height of the “gas is expensive” news cycle.

Eddie Dougherty, Retired Lumberjack

He is right, though. Gas prices should go down 18 percent. No, 25 percent.

Philadelphia Will Do People of the Year | The List So Far
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Hurricane Changes ‘Winter’ Forecast


Last night, NBC 10 weather forecaster Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz — who was last seen apologizing for hating Christmas — decided to revise his weather forecast and cut his expected winter snowfall total in half.

Schwartz did this in light of the recent weather and because “the NAO has been way too positive.” (Oh!) He originally called for 35 to 40 inches of snow but now predicts just 15 to 20, with one big snowstorm in February.

Clearly, Hurricane is hoping that big snowstorm falls on another hated holiday of his, St. Valentine’s Day.

Glenn Schwartz Revises Winter Storm Forecast [NBC 10]
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Abridged ‘Daily News’ Columnists

Uhh… nothing, really. There’s Gar Joseph’s column, but that’s a bunch of stories and is hard to encapsulate in one sentence. But his stuff is usually pretty good, so, ah, maybe you want to read that.