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Good Lateral Vibrations


While celebrating when exiting Sunday’s T.O. Bowl, the fans walking down the ramps at Lincoln Financial Field noticed something a little strange. That is, they noticed that the ramps were shaking oh noooooooo!

That woulda put quite the damper on the game, eh? “The Eagles defeated the Cowboys in a thriller, 38-24, Sunday at the Linc. Oh, and 10,000 fans died when the ramps collapsed after the game.”

Turns out nobody was in any danger. (According to the Eagles, at least.) Spokeswoman Bonnie Grant said it’s simply “lateral vibration” — thanks, Encyclopedia Brown — which is common among structures that lots of people walk on.

That hasn’t made fans feel any better, though. KYW 1060 reports:

But fans like Ed Haas aren’t so sure. He’s a lifelong season ticketholder and says he saw people falling, others grabbing their children, and genuinely scared.

“I’ve been going to football games since I was 10. I’m 50. I’ve been to Franklin Field, Lincoln Financial Field, the Vet and that’s the first time it’s ever happened.”

It’s a little known fact that the Vet wasn’t knocked down by explosives. No, they just got those ramps rocking and the whole thing came tumbling down.

Fans Call Ramps at Linc ‘Unstable’ [KYW 1060]

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