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Reason #28,283 I Love Philadelphia


One of our post-game analysts wears an orange Flyers helmet. Thanks, Coatesy. Let’s go Flyers.

On an even keel [Inquirer]

Let’s Go Flyers! The Other Team’s Medical Conditions Will Surely Lead You To Victory!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: the Flyers play the Sabres tonight in Game 4 of the playoffs. The Flyers are down, 2-1, in the series, but won the last game, 4-2.

Sabres defenseman Teppo Numminen — who has been guarding Peter Forsberg — is out. He has an irregular heartbeat. And to NBC 10’s John Clark, that’s…

… good news! Yay, a possibly serious medical condition! Obviously that’s not what he meant, but he could’ve chosen a better way to phrase it, I suppose. Then again, Clark is the happiest man in Philadelphia; he can put a positive spin on anything.

Oh well. Let’s go, Flyers! Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Numminen Has Irregular Heartbeat; Primeau Out [WGR 550]
Flyers ready to rally [Yahoo! Sports]

Top 5 Will Do

Hoo-ray! It’s time for the weekend, which means even more drinking than usual for all of us. Or, in my case, I’ll be able to catch up on the 40 or so hours of sleep I need.

  1. Funniest news story of the week: The deliveryman who hauled both pizza and dead bodies or the guy who stole the newsstands? You could debate this for hours and still not have a clear answer.
  2. Overlooked news story of the week: The man who left his job to become Managing Director Pedro Ramos. Science!
  3. Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff is getting a degree from Penn. Gallagher is expected to enroll in Cornell any day now.
  4. Oh, yeah, Rick Mariano resigned and he went out with a wimper, not a bang.
  5. Gas prices are high, and everyone’s turning to mass transit. Well, everyone except Philadelphians.

Enjoy your weekend. Remember, Monday is Dick Cheney Day!

Leftovers: 7 IP, 0 R, 14 K

042806hamels.jpg • Phillies pitching prospect Cole Hamels (at left, with some sort of Mega Man-like arm cannon) tossed seven innings of shutout ball yesterday at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He also struck out seven in his first game at the Phils’ AAA affiliate. Uhm, can you come up here quick? Or, rather, now? [Inquirer]

• Sirius satellite radio offers devices that transmit the sound to a nearby radio. All you have to do is tune in to 88.1 FM. Unfortunately, this sometimes interferes with real radio stations operating on that band in, say, passing cars. And Christian radio and NPR enthusiasts are pissed. [AP/]

• A long day at the baseball park is proven worthwhile due to a Cecil Martin jersey spotting. And not even on Cecil Martin himself! [Dils]

• President Bush has taken time out from important things like war and running the country to tell us that we should only sing the national anthem in English. Because if you sing the anthem in Spanish, Russian, Gaelic or Pig Latin, the terrorists have won. [AP/]

• A top Vatican official urged all good Catholics to boycott the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie. Also being asked to boycott it? Those of us with good taste. [AP/Yahoo!]

The Week In Comments (And Caption Contest ‘Winners’)

Okay, you don’t get anything for winning the caption contest. I didn’t even really think of it as much of a contest, but there were a few people who came up with something clever anyway. I fact, all the entries — all four of ‘em or whatever — were much better than the one I had in there. Which, of course, shows how great of a job I do. So I’m never holding a contest again. Well, maybe. It does make for easy content.

But first, a look as some of our other stars of the “Preview/Submit” world of commenting. I can’t link to individual comments with the software I use, but none of the entries have a huge amount of comments anyway.

• Obviously, the biggest comment-getter of the week was the clip of possible profanity on CNN. And besides people writing in to me to tell me it’d been linked on Gawker, there was this comment, posted at 5:54 a.m.: sorry, but he said “yuck” … hence: no major response. I never really thought about him saying “yuck” — perhaps because I don’t think I’ve said that word since I was about eight, and the profanity that rhymes with it is something more likely for someone on TV to say. But, the comment came from someone saying her name was “soledad o’brien,” and while I don’t know if that’s true — although, if it is, I’m like super-duper happy — it looks like American Morning ATM-gate is over. Alas. (Well, if you believe that it’s really “Yuck” since it really sounds like an ‘F.’)

• Yikes. That was way too long. Let’s do something much shorter. Dan on the Good Day Philadelphia mascot video: Um, did she say “Hi, loverpants?

• Kate on the new Monopoly edition: Have you looked at any of the other cities? Every time a stadium or ballpark is among the choices, it’s in the lead. Which makes sense, since most of the people voting have never been to any of those places, and just pick the only thing they recognize. They should just call it Stadiumopoly. And in other news, I apparently care waaaaay too much about this… Hey, me too.

• Andy on the on the very angry Northeast Times editorial that said people would be able to fill jobs at 7-Elevens if we kicked all illegal immigrants out: Such an awesome argument they make. 7-Eleven and McDonald’s will have all these new jobs available. Those big companies are so strict with their immigration rules, they NEVER have an illegal working there.

And, finally, the Caption Contest Winners! We’ll do a first place and a runner-up.

Runner-up: Is this one of those new waterless urinals? (by Jim)

And, the winner…

John Street

Give me a “T”! What’s that spell? “Mayor Street!” (by Joe)

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Always Pick Your Bank Based On What Morning Talk-Show Hosts Endorse It

From an ad on the front page of today’s Metro, Commerce Bank is now…


… the official bank of Regis & Kelly! Yahoo!

From The ‘Holy Crap, How’d I Miss This Before’ Dept.

Via The Illadelph, comes this amazing, amazing t-shirt drawn by local artist Thom Lessner (of Space 1026):


Okay, it might not look all that much like Iverson. But, c’mon, do you remember those A.I. bobbleheads? They looked more like me than Alley I.

The Answer T-Shirt [Urban Arts]
Further evidence that Allen Iverson should never, ever be traded [The Illadelph]

Gentlemen, Begin Your Puppet-Making: Cheney Hits Town Monday

042806dickcheney.jpg Everyone’s favorite cyborg-in-vice-chief, Dick Cheney, will be in Center City Monday for a World Affairs Council of Philadelphia luncheon honoring Bernard Lewis. The event’s going to be at the Bellevue at Broad and Walnut.

Lewis, you may know is a professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton, and is a respected scholar in his field. He does share President Bush’s wish for secular, Western-style democracies in the Middle East. He has been criticized of being orientalist; i.e. taking a negative view of those not like the West. And his idea of a Western-style democracy in the Middle East isn’t quite working out everywhere now, is it? (And he delivered lectures to Cheney before the war.)

Anyway, Cheney’s getting in at the airport at 11, speaking at 12:10 at the Bellevue and leaving at 12:50. Say what you want about Dick Cheney and his handlers, but that’s running a pretty tight ship, y’know? Assumedly, there will be “protest areas” across the street from the ‘vue like there were when Bush spoke there back in December.

It’ll be a little warmer this time, so let’s get some good chants and signs going — it makes for good TV and easy blog entries for alt-weekly writers. Plus, it’s Dick Cheney, who has an approval rating lower than church. Who doesn’t like bashin’ that dude?

Bernard Lewis Revisited [Washington Monthly]
Dec. 15, 2005: Stop the war! Zzzzzz….

Ark. Gov. Limiting Press Access To Alt-Weekly

042806arkansas.jpg To get to Arkansas from Philadelphia, you take 95 south to… you know what? I have no idea how you get to Arkansas from Philadelphia. I’d probably take a plane or just travel diagonally southwest until I got there.

But, if I somehow managed to hitchhike to Arkansas and was magically elected governor — hey, Bill Clinton did! — I would probably send out my press releases to any news organization who wanted to be on the email list. Since it wouldn’t be a big deal to simply add an email address to the list, I would more than happily to have my press staff add any newspaper, website, TV station or random dude who runs a blog to the list of my press releases.

Like, for example, I’d gladly have the Arkansas alt-weekly the Arkansas Times on my press office’s email list.

Then again, I’m not current Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has refused to add the alt-weekly to the email list because they don’t consider it a legitimate news organization. According to the Arkansas Times‘ Arkansas Blog, the governor’s press spokeswoman, Alice Stewart, released this statement:

We don’t consider the Arkansas Times a news organization. By your own definition, you are a journal of politics and culture. As you said, there are hundreds of news outlets in the state and we don’t attempt to notify every one of them. The major news organizations are on our e-mail list and that’s the way it will continue.

Now, not being on an email list isn’t quite the biggest deal in the world. They could get the press releases off the website, although the blog says they’re not always posted in a timely fashion. Plus, the paper says it’s not being told when public press availabilities are going to happen. It’s unfortunate than an alt-weekly newspaper is being held off of it when adding it to an email list costs the state government of Arkansas nothing. And when it’s an actual newspaper with reporters and editors and people that cover state politics.

It just spikes of an unwillingness to give free and open information to those who want it. The Times has been filing Freedom of Information Act requests and all of them have been denied.

Gov. Huckabee’s office is being childish, amateurish and petty. Part of being a politician is dealing with sour coverage. Events that are free and open to the press should be free and open to all press, not just the ones that politicians feel they can deal with. Gov. Huckabee is quite a chickenshit. Now there’s some alt-weekly writing for you.

The governor’s office goes silent [Arkansas Blog]
National eyes on Huck’s action [Arkansas Blog]

More Pain At The Pump: New Jersey To Make You - Gasp! - Pump Own Gas?


As we enter Day x — where ‘x’ is a variable between 3 and 14 — of the Great Media Hype About High Gas Prices Of 2006, the politicians are all working hard to make sure that we possible voters know that they, too, know gas prices are high, and they’re going to fix it.

The highlight of this so far was a this report by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post, that compared how the Senators who wanted to be tough on big oil also, for the most part, drove gas guzzlers. (Also, they left several cars idling in the parking lot for periods of time. But of course.)

A little closer to home, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine is threatening to change the only thing that really made the Dirty Jerz different for all these years: You might have to pump your own gas. Or, at least, you’d be given the option to. Corzine says this proposal could save motorists about 5 to 6 cents on the gallon.

While the proposal is probably a good idea, you might be wondering how this is addressing the problem of high gas prices, when in fact it’s simply addressing the problem of, uh, having to pay people to pump your gas. Still, it seems odd to make people pump your gas, when in fact gas-pumping is one of the easier tasks for able-bodied people, right up there with self-service soda and petting a dog.

Naturally, the proposal has opponents, who are attacking everything from the aforementioned statement to State Sen. Joseph F. Vitale, who said that “[s]elf-service gas is discriminatory.” And, the move seems to actually supported by big oil companies, who would (assumedly) like to keep charging the same prices and pocket the extra pennies.

New Jersey is the only state besides Oregon that bans drivers from pumping their own gas. The chances of it joining the other 48 states in giving drivers the freedom to pump is about 1 in a million.

Corzine’s other proposal is to lower the speed limit to 55 miles per hour, which will probably be implemented right around the time when they change to the metric system and everyone’s driving hovercars.

Corzine pushes self-serve gasoline [Inky]
Going a Short Way to Make a Point [Washington Post]
Photo by Sister72