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Bode Miller is totally awesome


Some people don’t like outspoken athletes, especially when they don’t back up their outspokenness with winning. Not me. Give me a team with Terrell Owens, Latrell Sprewell, Ty Cobb, Barry Bonds, Vijay Singh, Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, John Daly, Ron Artest, Freddie Mitchell, &c.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome team, no matter what they played? Sure, they might bicker and fight and lose every game, but that’s the fun of it! I’d buy season tickets.

Another person I’d want on my hypothetical team — I think they’d play Arena Football — is drunk skier Bode Miller, who Metro interviewed on the final day of the Olympics:

Don’t you feel like you lost a great chance?

Not at all. I wasn’t the one who had great expectations of results. I’m very satisfied of what I did here — I did my best. Sure, I didn’t win a medal, but I’m still proud of what I accomplished.

C’mon, any regret?
None. I came here to have fun and to live the Olympics at my best. Quality of life is the most important thing to me. I didn’t want to come here, shut myself in my hotel room for two weeks and then come back with no medals.

Are you talking of your friend Daron Rahlves?
Exactly. At the end, we got the same results. But, thanks to many parties, I was very “Olympically active.” And that’s good.

Bode Miller totally just went to the Olympics to drink and get laid. And then he turned Olympics into an adverb. This guy is awesome. Do they sell Bode Miller jerseys? I bet they’re cheap after that stinker of a performance he turned in.

Bode just wants to have fun [Metro]
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  1. jrob Says: Feb 27 4:43 PM

    screw bode’s critics. what’s wrong for a playing a sport just for the love of the sport? bode has plenty to celebrate in what he’s accomplished. it’s not like he wasn’t trying out there. but at the end of the day, if being in the olympics is enough for him, who are we to judge?

  2. Jesse Says: Feb 27 9:05 PM

    Here’s what’s wrong with it: It’s the Olympics, and he treated it without a shred of respect, then dumped all over Daron Rahlves. The Olympics meant everything to Rahlves, and whether or not they did to Bode Miller, the way he treated the whole experience was thoroughly disrespectful to every athlete who ever participated in sports. Part of the love of the game is actually trying hard, not just going through the motions and screwing around. Please don’t try to tell me he was playing for the love of the sport, or that he was trying his hardest. Freddie Mitchell, T.O. and all the rest are obnoxious jerks, but I can’t remember an athlete before Bode Miller who showed up to the big game and said, “Screw this, I’m here to party at an Olympic level.” Even the guy who got arrested with a hooker before the Super Bowl, he still tried once game time came around. Watch Bode’s slalom again and tell me he tried. Really.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m sick of this guy and glad that he’s going away forever.

  3. BodeBunnee Says: Mar 18 5:03 AM

    How dare you write this about my friend Sam. Yeah, you know him as Bode. He taught me how to ski. I missed the 2002 ski team because I mastered a mogul that happened to master me w/ a massive broked foot/ankle. Bode Miller is the perfect American. I read this & called him today. I asked him how he felt about playing in-door wuss Arena football? He said if the great coach..”Scot Maynard” ( son of NFL player Don Maynard) was still around, he would. Otherwise he would rather come back as the under-dog in the 2010 games & bring with him the thunder of Everest & the wrath of GOD towards all the media whom assume he is a drunk. Bode Miller is 28. He does drink. Is he an alcohalic? No. I have watched my friend train. He was silver in 2002. Anyone out there remember? I was there but not in the games. Bode has a greater love of this country then most f’cking Americans I know. He wanted to give us Gold. He was so sore & so worn out from skiing all season right up until 12/05. As I re-call, the XX games came in 2/06? Give him a break. Bode Miller is the “calm before the storm.” He, God & the grestest, the loudest thunder will be his best friend’s in 2010. He awaits just beyond a distant horizon to blow passed every top Alpine speed skier that ever lived in 2010. His life now is not drink..Never has been. I can also tell you..He did NOT get laid at the XX games. With a young, beautiful scientist as myself near him & Jake, I would have known..Plus, I would have been the choice had he craved the need.( that playboy chick picture was a long time ago. The media is sleezy for any story) He wanted the Media to “F” off. He skied the last race & threw it. He’s pissed I have been telling the truth but he was tired. He did do that little dance at the end to mock not the USA but you…The Media & his uncaring team-mate’s.He showed you all he has conrol over the gold. The media & the team does not. Bode tried to be friends but everyone was in ..a dream world towards him. He got sick of being asked by the other guys..”Including good boy Darren” about how to get laid by euro chicks. Do you really think Darren stayed loyal? Nope. He got laid but not by his wife.

    American Hero? Bode Miller is using his right as an American to be himself. Hell, you Media do nothing but trash what all of those brave men & women did hundreds of years ago to give us this country & Bode the right to speak out. Leave him alone. He is a very nice man & loves America. He is sober, skiing & will come back & win w/ revenge. The best thing my beloved friend Bode Miller knows what to do is win with wrath. You, the Media have given him that. There I must say Thank you. Bunnee

  4. BodeBunnee Says: Mar 18 5:27 AM

    Opps, I guess the bus next to us belonged to Daron not Darren….Who the hell cares. He didn’t win a damn thing & knows Bode is better. However, Bode gave him a compliment & mentioned Daron’s body. Yes, I can say..In person, both men are breath-taking in looks. Both groomed by the ice/ snow cliff’s in which they ski. The are warriors. Bode just happens to be bigger. 2010 will come..Bode Miller is doing his job to get his already perfect body in superior shape & in (4) years, you,the Media & freaks will all see what I see now. A man who will be known by the USA as the greatest American skier in the world. By the way, for all of you who said he is a hippy? No. Bode grew up w/ post Nan parent’s.(Remember that war?? The Vet’s & I do) They were poor as hell. Is that a crime? As far as I can tell, they took care of him. He earned his high school diploma w/ honors from a major ski school.( no one talks about that) Plus, he simply loves to ski. He is not the party guy eveyone has been lead to believe. Jake, Bode & I sat in his Bus & after his 2nd race..watched all the tapes from 2002 to see what he was doing wrong. Bode was sipping power drinks not alcohal. He does not smoke pot, he drinks to be social, he does not go out seeking chicks to just get laid that night. He loves long-term relationships & music. I can say this because he is indeed my friend & has been since we were 12 years old. Leave him alone. Bunnee

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