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Eagles find way to keep fans interested in season


Shit. I give up. I can’t compete with that.

Actually, let’s investigate a little. (Sorry to get your hopes up.) The Eagles playboy blogger is Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and one of the stars of the reality show The Girls Next Door about life at the Playboy mansion. Indeed. Her first two blog posts were just photos of her in swimsuits, but she mused on the Eagles’ loss Monday night:

I tried to watch Monday night’s game, I really did. it was awful! i watched the seattle game until the interception was returned for a touchdown and then i couldn’t take it any more!

Which means she watched about three minutes of the game. In fairness, she said she was flipping around afterward — like most Eagles fans watching the game, I’m sure — and caught some other clips of futility in the Eagles’ 42-0 loss.

Other things learned from her blog post? Hef is an Eagles fan (because she is), they have “like 10″ security guards who get in the way if people approach them when they go out (probably a good move) and she’s coaching a basketball game with Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg on Saturday. Wow!

Oh, and how could I forget! The required photo:


Insert your own typical blogger attractiveness joke here.

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Note: A few of you told me they couldn’t register. Thanks to the magic of accessing the site at around 5 a.m., I could. I’ve posted the full text of her latest blog entry after the jump. Click through to continue.

I tried to watch Monday night’s game, I really did. it was awful! i watched the seattle game until the interception was returned for a touchdown and then i couldn’t take it any more! i’m like a coach when i watch the game – always yelling and screaming at the TV. for monday’s game, i watched it at the mansion by myself. Hef sometimes watches the games with me. he’s an Eagles fan because I am. His main secretary, Mary, her husband is a huge Eagles fan and we usually watch it together. there wasn’t much to watch on Monday, though. i checked back, kept switching around – i can’t believe Detmer’s first pass was an interception! – but it’s really depressing.

I became an Eagles fan because my mom is a huge, huge fan. My whole entire family is from Cherry Hill, N.J. My mom was born in Philly and blah, blah, blah … so she was a cheerleader back then and she is totally into it. When my dad was in my life, he made us move out to San Diego, that’s where I was born, and so my mom and I grew up together. She had Eagles stuff all over the house and I was like, ‘yeah, Eagles!!’ That’s why I’m a fan.

So what is my day like today? I woke up about noon and I’m just trying to relax. We’re having a break from ‘The Girls Next Door’ season so we have this huge break. We’re doing this segment for the British Comedy Awards segment today and I did a pre-interview with Donny Deutsch (host of CNBC’s ‘The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch). He’s interviewing me at the mansion tomorrow. We’re supposed to be talkin’ about sports, so i’m going to give a big shout out to the eagles fans out there! Yeahhhh!!

I did the ‘Larry King Show’ a week or so ago and it was fun, but I was, like, so nervous. You’re on there and you realize that there are these millions of people watching behind that camera and it’s nerve wracking. I hope this goes better than that show did …

We’re going out for dinner tonight, a really good restaurant, with Hef and Holly, Bridget and I and a couple of playmates. We like to go out and have our privacy. If anybody comes up and looks like they’re going to approach us, we have like 10 security guards with us and they knock ‘em out!!!

Hef is a really good guy. We watched the fight together the other night. I think he’s a really special guy – he’s the greatest guy ever. He doesn’t have his nose up in the air like every other rich guy … he’s down to earth. He eats pizza just like all of us. We go to McDonald’s all the time. He’s a regular guy.

We’re 95 percent certain we’re going to do a second season of the show. I’m counting on it. I want to do it again. It is so fun to do. I just got my passport and we’re all going to Europe and planning this huge trip.

I just want to say to all the Eagles fans that I’m with ya and I’m hurtin’ too and losing stinks. I see the comments you all are making and I love you, too!!! I also need some help from you … I was asked to be a coach for a basketball game on Saturday night at the Staples Center after the Suns-Clippers game. Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow and those guys are playing. So, OK, I have no idea how to coach basketball and do all that …. so what do I do? Any advice?

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